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Lost Suite is the debut album of the notable Lithuanian pianist GediminasKarkauskas. Gediminas took his time releasing his first album. When asked why now? - “I have spent years creating jazzclassical influences with improvisation within acontemporary jazz framework. I would say I have becomemore open to share my music with the listener.” His firstambition was to see the album released and the second onewas to share music in a live playing.Having worked with his trio Gediminas decided to translatesome of his compositions for Solo piano. This was the basis ofthe concept album. To release an album with confidence inoriginal music that would then be recognised and appreciatedfor its unique approach to creating new and fresh sounds.It is an experimental project creating jazz from classicalinfluences, giving space for improvisation within acontemporary jazz framework. “There were ideas that sat inmy mind for sometime. I was trying to reflect my innerthoughts that inevitably led to reflecting the world's musicthrough my own perception. Most of the pieces have verylittle preparation; it's mostly relying on momentum whileothers have been prepared.”

Lost Suite - Gediminas Karkauskas

SKU: 5052442017912
  • Gediminas Karkauskas

    Lost Suite

    Released Date 25th September 2020

    Teddy D Records, Cat. No. TDCD004

    CD Format

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