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Septeto Internacional

SEPTETO INTERNACIONAL is a unique combo of seven musicians from Cuba, Brazil, Spain and Switzerland. The repertoire consists entirely of Michael Fleiner’s own compositions in afro Caribbean and Latin jazz styles. It is music for the ears and the legs, for music lovers and dancers alike, performed by three virtuoso wind instrumentalists and a groovy rhythm section.

Michael is always searching in his compositions for interesting ideas from different styles to develop Latin jazz and afro Caribbean music and to give it a personal touch. You can find jazz harmony as well as contemporary rhythm concepts, traditional and modern Latin music, or even ideas from mathematics and physics which gave Michael the nickname “El Matemático del Latin Jazz” (the mathematician from latin jazz) in Latin America.

These very different elements are always packed in a hot and spicy Latin groove.

The actual CD 2018 (a live recording) is titled “Como me gusta el 7” (I do really like the number seven): A reference to the odd time signatures (7/4 and 5/4) and the unconventional art of Michael’s music writing, the 7 musicians of the band (the perfect balance between 3 horn players and 4 musicians in the rhythm section to interpret his compositions and arrangements) Michael’s birthday 7 Feb. 1970 and the general specialty of the number seven: the seven notes of the scale, the seven days of the week, the seven wonders of the world; seven is a prime number; seven is a lucky number. Michael does really like the number seven!

The Septeto Internacional has already been invited to perform in Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Slovakia) as well as in Latin-America (Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, French Guiana, Suriname) at international Jazz Festivals, Jazz Clubs, Salsa Discos and Folk Festivals.

The musicians from the band are very professional and have a great experience. They play and have played with the most famous musicians in Jazz and Latin Jazz: Chucho Valdés, Irakere, Celia Cruz, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Dizzy Gillespie, Pablo Milanés, Paquito D’Rivera, Joe Henderson, Giovanni Hidalgo, Raoul de Sousa, Dave Valentin, Danilo Pérez, Isaac Delgado, Julio Baretto, etc…

Last but not least: The trumpeter Juan Munguía had played over 15 years in the legendary Cuban band IRAKERE from Chucho Valdés.

Juan Munguía – CUBA – trumpet & flugelhorn
Lolo García – SPAIN – alto saxophone
Bernhard Bamert – SWITZERLAND – trombone
Dudu Penz – BRAZIL – el.-bass
Daniel Bagutti – SWITZERLAND – drums
Stéphane Joerg “El Niño”- SWITZERLAND – congas
Michael Fleiner – SWITZERLAND – piano, compositions & lead


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A List of Septeto's Upcoming Concerts

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