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Carole Nelson Trio

"One of the most original jazz composers in Ireland" -  Irish Times

Carole is a London-born jazz pianist, saxophonist and composer who has been living in Ireland since 1986. Her current project, the Carole Nelson Trio, with Carole on piano, bassist Cormac O'Brien and drummer Dominic Mullen, began at the 2015 Dublin Trio Trio Trio Piano Festival. The Trio’s first album, "One Day in Winter" was released November 2017 . The album, all original compositions from Carole, follows the course of a winter’s day, inspired by the South County Carlow landscape between the River Barrow and the Blackstairs Mountains, where she currently lives.


This was followed by their second album "Arboreal" in February 2020, which takes the listener through a walk through woodland ecology, observing the interconnectedness of life. "Arboreal" received glowing acclaim, including the Irish Times top ten albums of the year and All About Jazz Magazine (UK) Best Album 2020.

'Nelson is, without question, as the refined language of her writing and playing constantly reiterates, a singular voice,' All About Jazz

​The trio’s third album, Night Vision, released May 1st 2022, moves away from composition into improvisation as the trio dig deep into creative freedom and find a new and fearless triadic voice. Night Vision has a wonderful back story and the music becomes so much more meaningful and connected when the listener has both. Everything started for Carole with two words, deeper still. At first it was the elemental landscape, the rocks and stormy seas, the depth of the peat bogs, deep time. Later deeper still became more of an inward spiritual journey. Secluded during the pandemic, Carole started to observe the different lives around her and wanted to give voice to the world outside of herself, to other species.– foxes, hedgehogs and birds


Carole has also arranged original music for the Dublin choir Gloria. Her composition "Beloved" and other arrangements are now performed by choirs worldwide. Carole's theatre work includes composition for The Trojan Women at the Peacock and Emma Donoghues's Ladies and Gentlemen at the Project.


“Night Vision further cements the Carol Nelson Trio's place as one of the most arresting jazz trios in Ireland and the British Isles” -  AllAboutJazz.

​"a rare and exceptional talent"-  Irish Times

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  • Carole Nelson Solo 

  • Carole Nelson Trio with Cormac O'Brien and Dominic Mullen

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