Gediminas Karkauskas

Gediminas Karkauskas: is both a jazz and classically trained pianist based in Dublin for the past 20 years. He holds a certificate from the London Guildhall school Music and Drama. He has studied at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague and completed his Masters in the Dublin Institute of Technology Conservatory of Music and Drama. 


Since arriving in Dublin Gediminas has made many trips back to continental Europe to appear in concert venues and Jazz Festivals. He has in particular received several invitations from the Baltic States including the Broma Jazz Festival in his native Lituania. 


Gediminas continues to be active in classical and jazz music and worked with some of the leading Irish and International musicians like Linley Hamilton, Stephen Davis etc. Performed at National Concert Hall with Louise Stewart 2015


Over the years Gediminas has performed numerous lecture recitals and masterclasses in Ireland and abroad. 


“I had a pleasure of meeting and working with Gediminas. He is a very talented pianist and inventive improviser with a great deal of potential. He’s full of interesting musical ideas and 

spontaneity and I look forward to hearing more of his imaginative music making in the future”

John Taylor 2012


Lost Suite: Is the debut album of the notable Lituanian pianist Gediminas Karkauskas. Gediminas took his time releasing his first album. When asked why now? - “I have spent years creating jazz classical influences with improvisation within a contemporary jazz framework. I would say I have become more open to share my music with the listener.” His first ambition was to see the album released and the second one was to share music in a live playing.


Having worked with his trio Gediminas decided to translate some of his compositions for Solo piano. This was the basis of the concept album. To release an album with confidence in original music that would then be recognised and appreciated for its unique approach to creating new and fresh sounds. 


It is an experimental project creating jazz from classical influences, giving space for improvisation within a contemporary jazz framework. “There were ideas that sat in my mind for sometime. I was trying to reflect my inner thoughts which inevitably led to reflecting the world's music through my own perception. Most of the pieces have very little preparation; it's mostly relying on momentum while others have been prepared.”


Lost Suite is thought provoking with a sense of the metaphysical. There is a sense of darkness but with a clear focus. Through the progression of the harmony a sense of being lost is expressed. Listeners will always have their own way of hearing and taking the music in. My hope is that the listener will have time to sit, play the album and take the journey.


In making this album or Suite Gediminas attributes much of the success to two people, HIs wife for her never ending support and belief in him and his good friend and internationally renown engineer Arne Bock. 

Now “My aim is to play and share my music with anybody who cares to listen.”

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  • Jazz with Irish Trio

  • Lost Suite Solo Project

  • Solo pianist with local ensemble

  • Workshop, MasterClass, Clinic